Tips for Making a Wedding Party Festive and Memorable

A general wedding party usually has a standard arrangement of events. The outline is in the form of greetings, the procession of parents and families of the bride and groom, followed by the procession of entering the bride and groom and a prayer event together.

In addition, some wedding receptions are poured champagne, wedding toast, and dining together. In the middle of the event, the couple will also be asked to do a procession of cutting wedding cakes, wedding kisses, and thanks to invited guests plus photos together.

But the actual arrangement of the wedding reception can be made fun, intimate, and festive by using the services of the Party Buses SF. Here are some creations of entertainment programs that are worth tucking into a wedding:

Special Performance

This is what can be a highlight of a wedding reception that is a special performance. Many ideas about special performance that you can present. For example, appearing with a partner to sing a song together. Or the song offerings by a group of bridesmaids or groomsmen, to bring someone special like your favorite wedding singer.

Couple Dance

Couple dance is one of the romantic traditions at modern wedding receptions. Couples will be invited to the dance floor to dance together, usually with soft and super romantic songs.

But there are also couples who like to look exciting and do anti-mainstream dances, for example, modern dance, flash mob and so on. Whatever it is, certainly couple dance is a cool idea that is worth a try because it can strengthen the relationship of a partner, both during practice or later when performing.

Couple Games

Funny on stage with a partner can be a special moment that is not forgotten. Many exciting game events in the style of a wedding couple can be tried with the help of an event guide or Master of Ceremony.

Some exciting game ideas that make couples more romantic, for example guessing from the sound, the smell of perfume or lipstick marks. Shoe games that require couples to know each other’s details can also be tried.


An exciting and intimate wedding must surely involve your beloved family as well. If possible, couples may prepare a surprise gift for their beloved parents and parents-in-law. This gift-giving event is guaranteed to add novelty and at the same time be the right place to thank mom and dad formally.

Throw a Flower

Bouquet toss or hand throwing is usually done to exclaim for women who want to release the next single period. For those who manage to get a hand bouquet, it is said to be the next marriage. Wow! would be exciting, please wait for the bridal flower toss. Especially if there are attractive prizes.

After Party

This bonus idea may be tried as the most recent wedding reception arrangement. Usually, the friends, some special invitations and the bride and groom will continue the party all night long at a separate venue for the wedding celebration that is most memorable.