The Most Correct Level of Darkness in Auto Glass

Auto glass is usually given when buying a new car. But usually from the dealer only provides the glass with standard quality. As a result, many are not satisfied with the quality that is not good. Usually, people tend to choose a dark glass, but what is obtained is generally too clear so that the conditions inside the car are clearly visible from the outside.

In addition, clear glass also makes sunlight into the car which causes hot temperatures in it. The purpose of using dark glass so that the temperature of the air conditioner in the car cooler. The level of darkness of the windshield should also be arranged either in front, side or rear.

For example, for the front, you should use glass that is not too dark. For the evenings at night, the dark glass will interfere with access to view, especially for the front. If you find a problem with your windshield, just contact the windshield replacement Scottsdale.

For those who want to know the rules are in the following discussion.

Rules for the use of safe levels of car glass darkness


The front windshield used by the driver should be no more than 20 to 30 percent. This regulation was made concerning the safety of passengers. If the windshield is too dark it will interfere with the driver’s view so that it cannot see clearly while driving.

Especially at night, certainly, if you use dark glass cannot see the view in front. Even if you use dark glass, it certainly will reduce eye glare when passing other drivers.

In the daytime even if the glass is too bright will make sunlight so that makes glare. Therefore, for those who want to replace their windshield, this regulation needs to be considered.

Front Side Glass

Not only the windshield of the car, but the windshield on either side of the driver must not be too dark either. This relates to the driver to make it clearer when he wants to look in the rearview mirror to see other drivers around him. The level of darkness of the windshield on the front side should be no more than 40 percent.

If you still want to use a dark glass then you should make clear glass in the form of a small circle that leads to the rearview mirror of the car. So, the driver is not obstructed when he wants to see the surroundings.

You can use glass with a 60 percent darkness level. Because this will also provide shade during the day and reduce the glare effect of the lights at night. Sometimes the reflection of the lights through the rearview mirror of the driver behind is more disturbing and consequently can reduce the focus of the driver.

Auto Glass Center

The center glass will not prevent the driver from looking outwards. So that the windshield can be made darker than 40 percent. Usually for the middle glass using glass with a percentage of about 60 to 80 percent.

But if you use a darker glass that will obstruct the view of passengers. So that passengers also have to lower the glass to see more clearly towards the outside of the car. The advantage of using this dark glass is that passengers do not feel hot because the sun is entering even less.

Third Row Glass Section

MPV type car consists of six passenger seats. The rear glass next to the third-row passenger seat there is no rules for the level of darkness of the windshield you want to use. It is even allowed to use windshields with 100{debc72982c64d275628998391937a2b8914afa045418f6e6c0770bf4a99a744c} darkness.

Rear Glass

The windshield in the back of the rule should not use a darkness level of more than 40 percent. This is because the rear glass is used by the driver to look back through the rearview mirror in the middle. Maybe it will be very helpful when wanting to turn back or walk backward.

The dark rear glass is also not good to use at night because it will not be clearly visible on the outside. Especially if during rainy conditions, it will certainly interfere with vision.