Individual style of your car

The desire to distinguish your workplace, your gadget, your car from the faceless mass of identical things is gaining in scale. And if earlier, when choosing a car, they paid attention only to its color, now there are many new products that can decorate the vehicle. Cool car stickers and branded emblems, car badges, and cups are especially popular. You can buy assorted car stickers and Honda center cups at

More recently, airbrushing was the priority way to decorate a car. But such a pattern was inaccessible to most drivers due to its high cost. Fortunately, progress does not stand still and enterprising styling masters have come up with simpler and cheaper design options. These are ready-made drawings, images that are made on vinyl glued to a paper base – auto stickers on a car. They are conventionally divided into:

  • artistic (decorative) – decorate the car and distinguish it from the general flow, it can be images of animals or cartoon characters;
  • informational – their main purpose is to convey useful information, it can be an advertisement or a warning about something.

The best way to mark the originality of your vehicle is to use the appropriate emblem for the car brand. This is an important element of tuning any car. A unique identifying mark demonstrates exclusivity and brand identity.

Also, thematic emblems allow you to save the car’s appearance from the mediocrity inherent in all mass-produced cars. Decorative emblems are placed in prominent places:

  • radiator grill located in front of the car;
  • luggage compartment lid or hood;
  • steering wheel;
  • glove compartment;
  • dashboard;
  • disc caps.

They are often small in size and look like stainless steel. Car emblems can become an additional original decoration for both the body and the interior. And, undoubtedly, they will be the hallmark of the car, distinguishing it among thousands of similar car brands.

Themed stickers and badges on the body will also emphasize the status and add presentability to any car.