How to use the internet in the car while travelling?

Summer is good for traveling out of town and enjoying the fresh air, but sometimes a pleasant homecoming trip will be made complicated by a weak smartphone signal condition.

This makes the internet connection slow down, even not at all. Users can’t play social media on the go, including Instagram or WhatsApp status updates, playing online games, failing to watch exciting movies on Netflix or listening to fun songs on Spotify.

Another bad thing is that this fluctuating signal condition can cause the smartphone battery to drain quickly. Signal search will make the smartphone work harder and make the device heat up faster.

There are several things that can help you to improve the quality of your smartphone signal when traveling back and forth or going back later. Anything? Check out the following tips.

6 Ways to Strengthen Smartphone Signal While Driving (1)

1. Remove the protector or cover

If your smartphone uses a protector or cover, it should be removed first. There is a possibility that the cover will block signal reception to the device. Not only that, the cover can also make the smartphone release heat faster.

2. Open windows and stay away from metal items

On the way, you can try to open the window of a car or bus so that signal reception is better. Keep the device away from items made of metal, because it can interfere with the signal connection.

3. Switch to a 2G or 3G network

In some areas, it may be difficult to get a 4G network signal on Fiber internet. Moreover, your position is on a trip that often changes places. To outsmart this, you can switch to a 3G network whose signal is more widespread and can still be used to surf the internet.

Change network settings manually by selecting 3G only network mode. That way, the smartphone will not work too hard to find a 4G signal in difficult areas.

4. Activate Airplane mode or restart

If you find a smartphone internet connection that is slowing or even intermittent, you can activate Airplane mode first, then turn it off again. This method is done to repeat the signal search, so that it can make the connection improve. If the Airplane mode method doesn’t work, you can restart the smartphone. But if it still doesn’t work, then the network at your location is really bad.

5. Remove and reinstall the SIM card

Other troubleshooting steps for signal difficulties can be tried to remove and replace the SIM card, then turn the smartphone back on. Make sure you bring the SIM ejector or use other tools, such as paper clips, safety pins, or needles to remove the SIM card.

6. Change operator

Continuous signal difficulties may be caused by unsupported operator coverage services. You can try to check it by changing another operator. You can use dual SIM card support on a smartphone to compare the quality of carrier coverage.

So, get ready to bring several SIM cards from different operators.

Here are some tips that you can do to improve signal quality while driving. Good luck!

7. Maximize Roaming Service

The first thing to do if you choose this option is to check whether the telecommunications operator you are using includes roaming services for the countries you want to go to.

This service is often referred to as an international package, which makes it easier for users to keep in touch smoothly while traveling abroad for some time. The majority of Indonesian providers provide roaming services at reasonable prices to countries frequently visited by Indonesian citizens, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.

Check the respective carriers to find out more about the related services. It’s not impossible that you can get some interesting offers that benefit the travel budget. Some cellular operators also provide the option of purchasing roaming packages abroad, allowing you to be online on the days you really need them. This alternative can save you money if you only need it for a few days, but will be burdensome if you use it for a long time.

Also pay attention to always turn off roaming services when not in use, so that you avoid the risk of bill swelling or credit running out suddenly.

If asked what are the disadvantages of this option? Maybe the only limitation is that we cannot share the connection with other phones abroad. Often the system “does not allow” tethering to occur when using roaming services.