How To Become A Social Media Marketer


Are you interested in making a change in your career and becoming a social media marketer? Are you a new graduate and interested in specialising?

One of the best career changes or specialises in social media management. This has become absolutely necessary for most companies and is a strong part of marketing. Even though most business owners know how important social media marketing is, they often have problems finding persons to help them with their social media who can drive results.

Therefore, if you have a lot of love for social media, then you can rest easy knowing that there are tons of jobs in this field. You can even potentially land a 6 figure job in this field once you continuously grow and show you have what it takes to grow a business and lead.

Now, you may be wondering, how can you get started? We will now look at a couple of guidelines that will help you on this quest. However, before you carry on reading you may want to do a Google search and see what digital agency you have in your area.

B2B Or B2C

Social media management is a particular role and skill that will only increase in demand. Therefore, making yourself stand out from the sea of other social media managers is important. You should think carefully about whether you want to serve businesses or consumers and which one you are best suited for.

It is no secret that 83% of businesses use social media in B2B marketing strategy. This happens to work exceptionally well because the vast majority of people tend to trust peers. When it comes to businesses and entrepreneurs, there are lots of people who provide or need support.

Exactly what can social media accomplish? Well, for one, it can help to engage potential clients and turn them into customers. It can also help you to reconnect with old clients. Another important aspect of social media management is lead generation. You will definitely need to be able to use social media to get leads for your customers or business clients.

Some of the things you’ll need to know are:

  • The particular group or demographic that you’re targeting
  •  The ability to use trending topics in your own social media strategy
  • How to do thorough customer research so that you understand your  customer’s problems
  •  Top influencers in your industry

When you know how social media is used by businesses, you can work on creating your own strategy. This will allow you to better understand how businesses and business owners interact. This type of skill is highly transferable and will serve you well anywhere you go.

Decide On A Specialisation

Another very important decision that you’ll have to make is to determine your specialisation and how you will make yourself stand out. Even though there are lots of businesses that are happy hiring generalists, even more companies focus on hiring specialists. There are companies that use social media for very specific purposes such as using it solely for customer service etc.

The truth is, there is an extremely high demand for all types of content creators and this demand will only increase. So, if you know how to make particular types of content, you can easily use these skills to differentiate yourself and make yourself more marketable.

One excellent example of this is a video and video production. Video is extremely effective at increasing social engagement. It is so effective that more than 80% of the traffic on the internet was video-based by the year 2019. Therefore, if you have a personal love for video and video production, then you can highlight this skill to your customers and clients. Once you show them that you have extremely valuable skills that they can use, this will give you a huge advantage.