Auto auction in the USA: why is it profitable?

American car auctions (Copart, IAAI, Manheim, etc.) make it possible to buy a car of top specification, often the last year of production and with a minimum mileage, very cheap. This is why they are so popular. In addition, for one thousand or one and a half dollars, you can take a car from 2010-2015 after one owner and perfectly served.

In most cases, buying a used car in the aftermarket is a lottery. After all, you never know what surprises the previous owner hid, if you do not have enough experience or do not want to spend money on full diagnostics before making a deal. However, this is not the case with American auto auctions.

Why buying a car at auction in the USA is beneficial:

  • Huge selection. The auctions have sites in many states, and they contain hundreds of vehicles of different model years, specifications and in different conditions. All of them are on the site.
  • Checking the history of the car. In the CarFax or AutoCheck databases by VIN-code, you can: find out the complete set, the real number of owners, information about the maintenance performed, insured events, etc.
  • Price. Cars are sold cheaply, since they are usually sold by insurance companies. It is enough for them to at least partially reimburse the compensation paid without spending money on repairs or recycling fees.
  • Online. Bets can be made via the Internet from anywhere in the world – no physical presence of the buyer is required.
  • Ease of payment. After winning, the winner is given 3 days to transfer money to the auction account. For convenience, a SWIFT payment system is used.
  • Checkout. The buyer is provided with all the documents required to legalize the vehicle in his country.

The main reason for selling a car is an insured event. For example, it can be an accident, natural disaster, the owner’s refusal from the car after the theft, an exchange under the Trade-in program, the sale of bankruptcy property, etc.

At closed auctions, cars are sold ready for use, in excellent condition or even new. Collectible models are also often exhibited. Bargaining on closed sites can only be legal entities that have received a special admission – a license. To participate in open auctions, it is enough to register on the site.

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