Attributes that make a great nanny

1. Making a productive difference

A great nanny commits to making a positive difference in the children’s lives. They invest in helping the children flourish in various areas such as education, sports, creativity, communication, and manners and discipline. This helps your children grow into well-rounded human beings. Nannies have utmost commitment and respect to their roles to ensure they achieve their goals. I would highly recommend you see ‘Payroll For Nannies‘.

2. The nanny loves being a nanny

Most nannies are kind and caring by nature. They have an instinctive maternal side that makes them care about their duties genuinely. A nanny’s job is important and varied. Planning the children’s lives and reporting back to the parents on the child’s progress daily gives the nanny a sense of satisfaction, which is something that comes naturally if the nanny loves seeing the progress the children are making.

3. They are diligent

A great nanny is completely diligent and respectful to the requirements of the family. They take their time to recognize what the parents prefer and also give thorough details on the activities they indulge in with the children while the parents are away. The parent feels content when they know that their requirements are considered important by the nanny and when they are informed of all activities that the children are up to. A parent knows a nanny is a keeper if they have a structure and a plan for everything the children need.

4. They have patience

A great nanny is always patient. They listen keenly to their changes and are conscious of their needs. They should understand that children need to be taken care of patiently. A kind nanny always considers the child’s feelings before their own, mainly when the child is upset about something. A child may seem upset over something trivial to an adult’s mind but completely within reason for a child. A great nanny knows this, therefore is patient when dealing with an upset child.

5. A first aid trained nanny

For all parents, the surety that their child is being cared for by a nanny with first aid training is a big bonus. A parent is certain that if there is an emergency, the nanny can handle it efficiently. This takes off a huge weight of worry from the parent’s mind.

6. A great nanny respects the family’s privacy and deals with any personal issues that may arise sensitively.

This is crucial when a parent has a nanny who is around the child all the time as they will be aware of most private matters in the family. A great nanny maintains professionalism no matter the situation around her. They see themselves as professionals who value what they do and that shows in every part of their lives. A great nanny becomes part of the family, which means they need to be someone that feels like a person the family treats as a part of them. The confidentiality of a family is of utmost importance.

7. A great nanny makes sure they have sufficient energy to keep up with the children they are looking after.

Children are not always easy to deal with, especially on an everyday basis. A great nanny ensures that they are full of energy for their shifts. This way, they will create a great vibe in the family and ensure that the